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Check out our kelp organic fertilizers

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Traditional chemical fertilizers have a single fertilizer effect and serious pollution. Long-term use leads to soil damage. Seaweed organic fertilizer is a natural seaweed extract, which is harmless to humans and animals and has no pollution to the environment. Organic fertilizers and a series of products are very suitable for the production of green food and organic food, and their efficacy makes up for the shortage of traditional organic fertilizers with large dosages and slow fertilizer efficiency. The application of seaweed organic fertilizer is beneficial to the production of agricultural products.

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  • Our company's seaweed fertilizer is an organic fertilizer

  • The raw material of our organic fertilizer is kelp

Our company's seaweed fertilizer is an organic fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer, which can directly increase the organic matter in the soil or through plants and stimulate various microorganisms in the soil. Biological potency increases. Metabolites from plants and soil microorganisms can provide more nutrients for plants. Seaweed fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer that works in harmony with the plant-soil ecosystem. The natural compounds it contains, such as sodium alginate, are natural soil conditioners, which can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve the pore space inside the soil, coordinate the proportions of solid, liquid, and gas in the soil, and restore the soil due to overburden and chemical damage. The natural colloid balance lost due to pollution increases soil biological activity, increases the release of available nutrients, is conducive to root growth, and improves the stress resistance of crops.

The raw material of our organic fertilizer is kelp

As we all know, seawater is rich in nutrients, but the nutrients leached from the land still flow to the sea, and kelp is undoubtedly the beneficiary. It can absorb 440,000 times of marine nutrients equivalent to itself, so kelp contains a full spectrum of mineral elements. Not only that, but kelp itself is also rich in natural plant hormones, kelp-specific active substances, and a variety of amino acids. It is precisely because the kelp organic fertilizer is rich in material components, it can help plants establish a strong and developed root system, promote the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients, water and gases by plants; the transportation of nutrients and photosynthetic products; can promote plant cell division, delay cell senescence, increase plant chlorophyll content, effectively improve photosynthesis efficiency, increase yield, improve quality, enhance crop drought resistance, cold resistance, pest resistance, and other stress resistance functions, but also improve soil structure and enhance soil water retention capacity.

Kelp contains laminarin, lamina oligonucleotide, and alginic acid. Alginic acid has anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti-mutation, anti-radiation, and immune-enhancing effects. As a methyl donor, Lucien of kelp provides methyl, regulates osmotic pressure in the body, relieves stress, and promotes fat metabolism and protein synthesis. Mannitol in kelp regulates the osmotic pressure balance of the human body, indirectly enhances immunity, and has excellent emulsifying and dispersing properties. The phenolic multi-compounds in kelp can enhance crop resistance, prevent virus infection, and have a strong chelation effect. So it makes perfect sense to make it into organic fertilizer.

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