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Emerald Boron Zinc


Product Description

Applicable crops

Vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, Chinese traditional medicinal crops and other economic crops; wheat and rice and other field crops.

Product description

This product takes the fresh kelp enzymatic hydrolysis puree of Shidai Marine as the carrier, and organically combines fluid boron and EDTA-Zn, which is richer in nutrition and higher in absorption and utilization rate.

Product features:

①Comprehensive supplementation of boron and zinc can effectively prevent problems such as low flowering, low fruit setting rate and fruit corking caused by boron deficiency, and prevent little-leaf diseases and slow crop growth caused by zinc deficiency.

②It is rich in 60% kelp puree, which can harmonize the balance of endogenous hormones in crops and promote the robust growth of crops.

③The product contains a large number of kelp derived active substances, and the crop has stronger stress resistance.

Use period

Use effect


Spring shoot stage and flower bud differentiation stage

Prevent little-leaf disease caused by boron and zinc deficiency.

Promote flower bud differentiation and flower organ development

Dilute 1000-2000 times of spray (depending on crop growth), spray it once every 7-15 days, and spray it again in case of rain within 4 hours after spraying.

Seeding stage

Prevent little-leaf disease caused by boron and zinc deficiency.

The seedlings are robust with disease resistant, which improve their growth


Promote flower formation and improve pollination rate; the flower and fruit stalks are strong and the fruit setting rate is high

Autumn shoot stage, after each picking

Prevent the fruit from falling due to lack of elements in the later stage of fruit; good fruit shape and beautiful color; recovery of tree vigor after harvest


Store in a ventilated and dry place, and use it immediately after unpacking. Please seal the remaining product after unpacking.

If there is rain within 4 hours after spraying, please spray it again after the weather gets better;

This product is weakly alkaline and can be mixed with most pesticides (except strongly acidic products).

[Validity period] 36 months [Production date] See the code [Tel] 400-618-1123

[Manufacturer] Weihai Shidai Marine Biotechnology Co., LTD

[Production address] No. 128, Yuxing Road, Haoyunjiao District, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province - [Postal code] 264300


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