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En-Gold Pure Kelp Protoplesm Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

Alginic Acid ≥20g/L
Kelp Trehalose ≥30g/L
Amino Acid ≥5g/L
Natural Plant Hormones ≥2000ug/L
Medium and Trace Elements ≥5g/L
pH 4.0-6.0
Physics State  Golden Liquid


The kelp liquid fertilizer of our company uses food grade kelp, which is a green organic compound liquid fertilizer extracted by biological fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis.

This product is rich in 18 kinds of protein amino acids of natural plant thorns (auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin, etc.), in addition, it is rich in alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharides, organic iodine, mannitol, vitamins, nucleotides and plant stress resistant substances, as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and other elements. It is nutritious, natural organic, green, and increases production and income.

Product features

It can stimulate the potential of crops, break dormancy, promote flower bud differentiation, expand leaves, and make plants robust.

It can improve the fruit setting rate, expand the fruit, promote coloring, increase sugar content, and ripen early.

It can enhance the stress resistance of plants and improve the ability of water absorption, drought resistance, cold resistance, waterlogging resistance and disease resistance.

It can improve the quality of crops, improve the taste and flavor of crops, oxidation resistance, storage resistance and good appearance.

Obvious increase in production: grain crops increased by 10-20%, cash crops by 15-40%, vegetables by 20-45% and fruits by 15-30%. Input output ratio: 1 ∶ 10~45.

Use crops

Vegetables, melons and fruits, fruit trees, tobacco flowers, grain and oil and other crops.

The product content is high. If there is sediment, shake it well and use it without affecting the product effect.

Product Description

1. It is extracted by low-temperature biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology.The product presents unique natural golden yellow color, rich and comprehensive active nutrients, especially the natural crop hormones and medium and trace elements.

2.The product has higher activity, effectively promotes plant growth, improves crop resistance and improves crop quality.

3. It can be used in the production of foliar fertilizer, urea, compound fertilizer, pesticide, flushing fertilizer and other products. The compound property is wide and stable, which can improve the fertilizer utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and play a role in reducing weight and increasing efficiency.


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