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En-Green Pure Kelp Protoplesm Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

Alginic Acid ≥25g/L
Kelp Trehalose ≥45g/L
Amino Acid ≥3g/L
Natural Plant Hormones ≥2900ug/L
Medium and Trace Elements  ≥5g/L
pH 4.0-6.0
Physics State Dark Green Liquid


We have a 15000 Mu high-quality kelp breeding base, with an investment of 280million yuan, and have built an internationally leading enzyme hydrolyzed fresh seaweed factory. 

Fresh kelp gets high activity organic seaweed liquid fertilizer through enzyme hydrolysis, and has obtained two international patents and five national patents. 

It has passed the EU organic certification, green food production means certification, and has obtained fertilizer registration certificates from many countries. 

The fertilizer is rich in organic matter, seaweed polysaccharides (low), natural indole butyric acid, indole acetic acid, seaweed protein, mannitol, betaine and other active substances, as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and other large, medium and trace elements.

The seaweed fertilizer of our company is a kind of "compound fertilizer", not a certain substance at work, nor an index of alginate that can be measured. 

Our production is the combination of various large, medium and trace elements. Seaweed has a strong adsorption capacity, can concentrate 440000 times its own marine material, and the nutrition is extremely rich and balanced; Second, the combination of a variety of "natural biostimulants". 

Seaweed polysaccharides (low) in seaweed, phenolic polymers, mannitol, betaine, natural plant growth regulators (cytokinins, gibberellin, auxin, abscisic acid, etc.) are very rich, which can play the role of plant vaccines, stimulate the normal growth of plants, and induce plant stress resistance.

Product Description

1. Fresh kelp is used as raw material, which is extracted by low-temperature and high-efficiency enzymatic hydrolysis and physical wall breaking. It is rich in alginic acid, mannitol, betaine, amino acids, vitamins, natural plant hormones and other active substances. The product is thick and full, showing natural dark green color, and the original smell of kelp is strong.

2. The product contains superfine kelp fiber, algin, alginate and alga polysaccharide, and has obvious characteristics of rooting and conditioning soil.

3. It can be used in the production of fertilizers such as liquid fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, soil conditioner, etc., and can produce seaweed fertilizer with high biological activity, reduce weight and increase efficiency, and improve fertilizer utilization rate.


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