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Enhanced Stress Resistance Functional Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

1. Focus on solving several major problems of plant root injury: serious root injury caused by water (retting, choking, etc.), drought, high / low temperature, excessive fertilizer (base fertilizer is not decomposed, excessive fertilizer), saline alkali root injury (no root, root aging), continuous overcast days and heavy rainfall, waterlogging, continuous cropping, fertilizer damage root burning, manganese poisoning, etc., causing plant weakness or leaf yellowing.

2. Effectively prevent root rot, root cancer, stem base rot, wilt, virus, root knot nematode, etc. of crops.

3. Promote long-term and strong rooting of crops, deep rooting of main roots, large number of capillary roots, resistance to root aging and premature aging of plants, prevention and control of soil borne diseases, root cultivation and root protection.

4. This product can effectively remove the harm caused by improper use of hormones, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers. It is the best antifreeze for low temperature and freezing damage of crops.


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