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Functional Fertilizer with Enhanced Stress Resistance


Product Description

High temperature and low temperature when these stresses occur, plants will produce a series of changes, such as drought will cause leaves and young stems to wilt; Flooding makes the leaves yellowing, withering, root browning and even rot; Under high temperature, leaves turn brown, dead spots appear, and bark cracks; The pathogen infected the leaves and showed spots. At least, it will affect the growth, development, yield and quality of plants, and even directly lead to their death in serious cases.

Unlike people and animals, plants cannot escape no matter what danger they encounter. Since they can't escape, plants can only retreat and take the second place. They have developed the ability of "being beaten", which is the origin of plant stress resistance.

For example, under drought conditions, plants maintain water balance by controlling the opening and closing of leaf pores; Under the environmental stress of high salinity, a large amount of salt solution can be prevented from entering the plant by improving the permeability of cell membrane; Even when suffering from diseases and pests, some plants can also produce chemicals to resist, or attract natural enemies of diseases and pests to destroy them.

Generally speaking, the stress resistance of plants is relatively small in the peak period of growth, and increases after entering dormancy; The stress resistance is strong in vegetative growth period and weak in flowering period. But if adversity exceeds its tolerance, the plant is also doomed.

This product uses natural kelp enzymatic hydrolysate, which can greatly improve the stress resistance of plants, weaken the impact of the environment on plants, and achieve the purpose of protecting flowers and fruits, increasing efficiency and yield.


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