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Functional Swelling Fruits And Increasing Brix Organic Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Seaweed fertilizer can directly increase organic matter in the soil or through plants, thereby activating various beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms can act as catalysts in the metabolic cycle of plants and microorganisms, increasing the biological efficacy of soil, and the metabolites of plants and soil microorganisms can provide more nutrients for plants.

The traditional chemical fertilizer has single fertilizer effect and serious pollution, and its long-term use will destroy the structure of the soil. Seaweed fertilizer is a natural seaweed extract, which has a very good affinity with terrestrial plants. It is not harmful to people, animals, and the environment. It has the advantages that no other chemical fertilizer can compare. It is listed as a special fertilizer for organic food abroad.

Phenolic polymers and betaine in seaweed fertilizer can regulate the osmotic pressure of cell fluid and chloroplasts, so as to protect a series of enzymes from transforming into active resistant chemicals in the cells damaged by drought, cold and insect diseases. They have very strong insect resistance, fungus resistance, nematode resistance, aphid resistance, cold and drought resistance. The iodide, copper, zinc and humus salt in seaweed fertilizer can be combined to act on crops. It is a disease resistant fungicide with stable chemical properties

Function and efficacy


Product instructions


Applicable crops




Increase organic matters and nutrient elements in soil, improve soil granular structure, enhance soil permeability;


After planting, dilute more than 300 times for use during drip irrigation or watering, with the rate of application of 20-30 L/ha/time and an interval of about 15 days.


Strawberry, apple, tea, rice, citrus; celery, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, and sea grass; Solanaceae vegetables and melons, such as pepper and muskmelon.

Precipitation is a normal phenomenon. Please shake well before use.


Enhance crop resistance to cold, drought, waterlogging and other stress, and make plants robust;


During the growing period, use together with major elements (the rate of application may be adjusted according to soil fertility status and fertilization habits).

Improve leaf photosynthesis to make leaves beautiful, thick and glossy;

Increase pollination rate and reduce malformed fruit to ensure plump fruit and high quality products;

Boost crop quality and yield, and ensure high commodity value.


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