Seaweed Fertilizer
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Hormon Kangnini


Product Description


Cold resistance, drought resistance and premature aging resistance

It contains natural plant hormones     Concentrated type

Product features

This product is extracted from fresh kelp by a patented biological enzymatic hydrolysis method of Shidai Marine. It concentrates and enriches a variety of natural plant hormones in fresh kelp. With a unique formula, it can significantly enhance the cold resistance, drought resistance and disease resistance of crops.

Scope of application

Strawberry, apple, tea, rice, citrus; celery, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, tomb vegetables; pepper, melon and other solanaceous fruits, melons.

Usage method

Dilute 600-1000 times and spray it on the leaf surface.


Precipitation is normal, and it will not affect the use.

Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, with 0℃≤optimum storage temperature≤30℃



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