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Introduction and usage of one of our foliar fertilizer products

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Foliar fertilizers can determine the types and formulas of nutrients according to the abundance and deficiency of soil nutrients, soil fertilizer supply capacity, the absorption strength of crops to soil nutrients and fertilizers, and the nutrients lacking in the crops themselves, to supplement the lack of nutrients in crops in time and reduce Or eliminate the symptoms of crop deficiency. Foliar fertilizer is applied directly on the surface of plants, and because it is a liquid, its components can be quickly absorbed by plants, and its speed is about 1 time faster than that of the root system. Foliar fertilizer is directly applied to the surface of the plant, the affected area is large, and the fertilizer effect is easier to affect other parts.

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  • Something about our Natural Plant Cold Resistant Foliar Fertilizers

  • Precautions for use

Something about our Natural Plant Cold Resistant Foliar Fertilizers

This foliar fertilizer is an anti-cold and anti-freeze product specially formulated with the patented technology of fresh kelp enzymolysis. Based on the active cold-resistant factor of kelp source, the cold-resistant factor of wintergreen extract is specially added to further enhance cell vitality, increase the heat storage capacity of cells, and the resistance of plants themselves, to survive in the cold and ensure crop yield and quality.


1. The cold-resistant components of kelp and holly can promote crops to stimulate their anti-stress buffer immunity in cold environments, reduce the freezing point of cells, enhance the ability of crops to resist cold currents, and prolong the frost adaptation period.

2. This foliar fertilizer contains the full-value nutrients of fresh kelp, which can supplement nutrition in time, improve chlorophyll synthesis efficiency, enhance crop photosynthetic efficiency, increase crop cell heat energy, and prevent or reduce crop freezing damage.

3. A variety of active substances can activate cell growth function, improve the activity of various enzymes in cells, and make crops grow and develop normally at low temperatures.

4. Kelp source natural alginic acid film-forming agent can form a protective film on the surface of plants, reduce frost damage and repair mild damage.

Precautions for use

When spraying, the front and back sides and all parts should be sprayed evenly to maximize the cold protection effect. This foliar fertilizer should be stored in a ventilated and dry place and used immediately after opening. Please seal the remaining product after unpacking. This foliar fertilizer can be mixed with a variety of pesticides, but not with strong acid and alkali pesticides.


Daily cold-resistant care of crops in winter and early spring: dilute 800-1000 times and spray on the foliage, with an interval of 7-10 days

Before the cold wave: dilute 600-800 times and spray on the leaves

After freezing injury: dilute 600-800 times, spray continuously on the leaves for more than 2 times to promote the recovery of crop growth

Today's Foliar fertilizer standards are also becoming more and more internationally uniform. Our company focuses on first-class quality and produces products of high quality and low price with guaranteed quality. If you need to buy Foliar fertilizer, you can try our company's products. Our company website is We look forward to your visit, we will provide you with good products and quality service to ensure your shopping experience! Thank you for reading.

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