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Introduction, function, and types of foliar fertilizers

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Unlike traditional fertilizers, foliar fertilizers have the advantages of fast absorption, strong action, high efficiency, low environmental pollution, and easy application methods. The foliar fertilizer has become an important part of modern agricultural fertilizers.

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  • The role of foliar fertilisers

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What is foliar fertiliser

In general, plants absorb nutrients from the soil or nutrient solution mainly through the root system to feed the crop. In addition to the root system, the stems and leaves of plants (especially the leaves) can also absorb various nutrients, and do so more effectively than the root system. Foliar fertilizers are fertilizers that are used to fertilize the foliage of plants by making a nutrient solution with a certain concentration of the fertilizers or nutrients needed by the plant as a means of foliar absorption. Foliar fertilisers are extra-root fertilisers.

The role of foliar fertilizers

Foliar fertilizers have been widely used in fruit trees, vegetables, and crops for resistance, yield increase, and lighter cultivation because they are highly targeted, have fast nutrient absorption, and have high nutrient utilization. Unlike plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers are nutrients made by combining nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, and manganese, which not only replenish nutrients for crops but also enable them to grow quickly. Studies have shown that the application of foliar fertilizers can increase the chlorophyll content of the leaves, increase the biomass of the crop and have a positive effect on the yield of the crop. The application of foliar fertilizers during crop growth not only reduces the environmental pollution caused by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers but also improves nutrient utilization to promote crop growth and yield increase.

Types of foliar fertilisers

There are various ways to classify foliar fertilizers. According to their functions and main components, foliar fertilizers can be divided into six main categories.

(1) Nutrient-based foliar fertilizers. This type of foliar fertilizer contains all the nutrients required for plant growth and development, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other macro- and microelements, and provides a variety of nutrients for plant growth.

(2) Regulating foliar fertilizer. This type of foliar fertilizer has the effect of promoting plant growth and development because it contains indole acetic acid, 2,4-D, gibberellin, naphthalene acetic acid, and other plant growth regulators, which are particularly effective from the seedling stage to the flowering stage.

(3) Biological foliar fertilizers. This type of foliar fertilizer contains microorganisms, such as bacteria and beneficial bacteria that are symbiotic or mutualistic with the crop, or their metabolites, such as amino acids, nucleotides, and nucleic acids. The main functions are to stimulate crop growth, promote crop metabolism, reduce and prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases, etc., but attention should be paid to the instructions and the effects of use.

(4) Compound foliar fertilizers. This kind of foliar fertilizer has a wide variety of types, and the compound is mixed in a variety of ways so that all the nutrients needed for plant growth and development can be added. It has a variety of functions, providing both nutrition and stimulating growth and development control, depending mainly on the type of ingredients added.

(5) This type of foliar fertilizer not only provides nutritional fertilizer but also adds a certain amount of fungicide or plant disease-resistant substances to provide nutrition and at the same time provide disease resistance or fungicide resistance to plants, thus not only promoting crop growth and development but also controlling pests and reducing the incidence of pests and diseases.

(6) Other types of foliar fertilizers. For example, natural sap-based foliar fertilizers and rare-earth-based foliar fertilizers.

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