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Kelp Extract Organic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer



As a natural plant extract organic fertilizer, our company's fresh kelp enzymatic hydrolysate adopts enzymatic hydrolysis technology and fresh kelp extraction, which can retain the activity of seaweed to the greatest extent and act on fruits. It has multiple functions of endogenous hormones, no artificial chemical hormone harm, comprehensive nutrition, increasing drug effect and replacing solid organic fertilizer. In the growth of fruits, it has the effects of protecting flowers and fruits, improving soil and rooting, resisting stress and improving quality.

Alginic Acid≥120g/L
Organic Matter≥200g/L
Soluble Solid≥45%
Physics State

Golden Liquid

Product Description

1. This product is concentrated by double-effect falling film concentration and evaporation technology, and the content of alginic acid and other indexes is higher, the content of solid matter is more, and the active substance is richer.

2. It can be used for the production of urea, pesticides, flushing fertilization and other products with higher requirements on content and activity.


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