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Laminaria Extract Laminaria Oligosaccharide Orgainc Seaweed Fertilizer


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Kelp is a large cold water brown algae, and the suitable growth temperature is 1-13 ℃. The growth sea area requires smooth water flow, fertile water quality and high safety factor. It is the earliest and most primitive organic matter on the earth, with the highest content of active factors. In addition to the nutritional components of terrestrial plants, seaweed oligosaccharide fertilizer also contains a variety of natural organic components such as fucoidan, lactan, algal protein, vitamins, alkaloids, etc. that terrestrial organisms do not have; Phenolic polymers, Indo duo organic auxin, cytokinin, abscisic acid, and other natural biological components; Biological potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, boron, zinc and other multi mineral nutrients. As an enterprise committed to the research and development of alginic acid fertilizers, the company uses fresh kelp as its production raw materials, and the content of active substances in its body is far higher than that of fast-growing algae such as Enteromorpha prolifera. Coupled with advanced extraction and processing technology, it can retain the original state of active substances in algae and solidify them into easy-to-use powder form, which is very beneficial to the growth and development of crops and can significantly stimulate the growth of crops, Improve disease and insect resistance, improve fruit flavor, increase production and income.


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