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Liquid Kelp Fertilizer for Garden And Vegetables And Indoor Plants



Liquid water-soluble organic fertilizer is made from food grade kelp after certain treatment. It has the advantages of full water solubility, high activity, high concentration, full absorption and quick effect.

It has no residue, pollution, resistance and non-toxic side effects on crops and soil. It can also have a good improvement effect on soil, dissolve phosphorus and potassium, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in soil, and protect soil fertility, Improve the soil micro ecological environment.

Product Description

1. Fresh kelp is used as raw material, which is extracted by low-temperature and high-efficiency enzymatic hydrolysis and physical wall breaking. It is rich in alginic acid, mannitol, betaine, amino acids, vitamins, natural plant hormones and other active substances. The product is thick and full, showing natural dark green color, and the original smell of kelp is strong.

2. The product contains superfine kelp fiber, algin, alginate and alga polysaccharide, and has obvious characteristics of rooting and conditioning soil.

3. It can be used in the production of fertilizers such as liquid fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, soil conditioner, etc., and can produce seaweed fertilizer with high biological activity, reduce weight and increase efficiency, and improve fertilizer utilization rate.


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