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Natural Organic Boron Zinc Compound Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Although there is little demand for trace element fertilizer in crops, it is essential. If there is a shortage of trace elements in the process of crop growth, it will inevitably affect the growth and fruit quality. This product uses fresh kelp as raw material and adopts low-temperature enzymatic wall dissolving technology to retain the nutrients and active factors in kelp to the greatest extent.

At the same time, boron and zinc are specially added. Boron can promote growth, and boron can promote the operation of crop carbohydrates, significantly improve the supply of crop organic matter, and improve the fruit setting rate.

Boron can promote flowers and strengthen flowers, and boron can stimulate pollen germination and pollen tube elongation, so that pollination can proceed smoothly.

Boron can regulate the formation and movement of organic acids, so as to enhance the drought resistance and disease resistance of crops.

Zinc can enhance disease resistance, and zinc fertilizer can promote the robustness of roots, so that crops will be reinfected with various root diseases.

Zinc can promote metabolism. One of the main functions of zinc in crops is to participate in the metabolism of auxin and avoid growth stagnation caused by zinc deficiency in plants.

Zinc can also improve production. Zinc participates in the hydration of carbon dioxide in crop photosynthesis, so as to assist crop growth, improve yield and improve crop quality.


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