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Natural Organic Calcium Magnesium Compound Functional Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description


This product adopts the organic chelation technology of Shidai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which realizes the organic chelation of calcium and magnesium elements in raw materials with fresh kelp raw pulp to improve the rate of nutrition absorbtion and utilization.

Product features

Effectively prevent bitter pit, fruit cracking, soft rot, black heart, internal tipburn and other calcium deficiency symptoms. Improve fruit appearance and hardness to ensure its resistance to storage and transportation and longer shelf life.

Algal chelated magnesium can be absorbed effectively, which can improve crop photosynthesis, delay leaf senescence and increase crop yield.

This product contains fresh kelp raw pulp with natural moisturizing agent and penetrating agent effects and small molecules. It is green and healthy and still applicable after fruit bagging.


Store in a ventilated and dry place. Do not place upside down.

This product can be mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers, except phosphate fertilizers.


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