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Natural Organic Cold Resistant And Warm Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Winter is the season with the lowest temperature in a year and the busiest season for the growth of vegetables in greenhouses. At this time, it is necessary to do a good job in the freezing resistance of overwintering crops. This product uses fresh kelp, uses low-temperature enzymatic wall dissolving technology, extracts natural growth factors and cold resistant components from kelp, and especially adds Holly cold resistant factors, which can effectively improve the freezing resistance of crops.

This product can promote root growth, improve photosynthesis, and improve the stress resistance of plants. The enzymatic hydrolysate of Laminaria japonica contains powerful cell activating components, which can promote the flow of protoplasm of cells, improve the activity of cells, and significantly improve the stress resistance of crops.

Through compound regulation, this product can improve the activity of cells, rapidly improve the photosynthesis ability of crops, promote the activity of various enzymes in plant cells, accelerate the synthesis of proteins, amino acids and other substances, make leaves thicker, increase the concentration of cell protoplasm, and significantly improve the cold resistance of plants.


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