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Natural Organic Expansion Function Liquid Fertilizer


Product Description

The company's products use fresh kelp as raw material, and through the low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis and wall dissolving technology, the active substances in kelp are completely released, which can promote plant growth, regulate plant function, improve the ability of disease and insect resistance, and expand fruits, promote flowers and fruits, improve yield and improve flavor.

1. Promote flower bud differentiation, pollen germination and pollination, early flowering, early fruiting, flower and fruit preservation.

2. Promote the expansion of fruits, plumpness of pods and grains, and increase the content of sugar, protein, vitamins and other beneficial substances.

3. Fast coloring, significantly improve the internal and external quality of crops, beautiful appearance, high sugar content and good quality of fruits, and prolong the storage and fresh-keeping period.

4. Promote the photosynthesis of crops, prevent premature aging, and improve the ability of crops to resist drought, cold, disease, lodging, dry hot wind and burning.


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