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Natural Organic Humic Acid Compound Functional Seaweed Fertilizer




Humic acid is organic matter, and organic matter is the residence and food of soil microorganisms.

The increase of humic acid content in soil is conducive to the reproduction and activity of microorganisms, expand the diversity of soil microorganisms, and then inhibit the activities of pathogenic bacteria in soil, which is conducive to reducing the occurrence of crop diseases and pests.

The functional groups carried by the molecular structure of humic acid have strong chelating ability, which can release the phosphate ions fixed by iron and aluminum in the soil and be absorbed and utilized by crops again. In addition, boron, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper and other trace elements are easy to form insoluble substances after being applied to the soil, which is not conducive to the absorption of crops.

Chelating with humic acid can form water-soluble substances, improve the absorption and utilization of crops, and can also chelate with heavy metals, pesticide residues and other substances, so as to reduce the harm of harmful substances in the soil to crops, improve the soil, increase fertilizer efficiency, stimulate growth, enhance stress resistance, improve quality, and drought resistance Cold resistance, growth regulation, pesticide slow-release and synergistic effect, chemical element complexation, etc.

Product Description

1. It is produced by fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis of kelp, which is rich in kelp polysaccharide, alginic acid, mannitol, amino acids and mineral elements.

2. Stimulate crops to improve their cold resistance, drought resistance, waterlogging resistance and other stress resistance; Regulate plant endogenous hormones, promote crop growth, improve crop quality and increase crop yield.

3. The product is applied to the production of foliar fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, soil conditioner and other fertilizers, which effectively improves the effect of fertilizer products.


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