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Natural Organic Kelp Extract Kelp Protein Water-soluble Seaweed Fertilizer

Laminarin ≥35%
Alginic Acid ≥17%
Organic Matter ≥40%
pH 4.0-7.0
Physics State  White Powder,granule



The Laminaria Polysaccharide of our company uses natural Laminaria and is prepared by unique patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology. It is rich in alginate, mannitol and dietary fiber.


1. Inhibit tumor growth

Tumor cells can reproduce indefinitely in the human body due to gene mutations. Fucoidan in Laminaria polysaccharide can kill tumor cells by activating macrophages, producing cytotoxins, inhibiting tumor cell proliferation; In addition, Laminaria polysaccharide can also inhibit tumor growth by inhibiting tumor angiogenesis, and can also directly inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Studies have shown that fucoidan in Laminaria polysaccharide can reduce the matrix and homogenous adhesion of cancer cells, enhance the cell separation rate, and weaken the ability of cells to cross the basement membrane. In other words, Laminaria polysaccharide can change the malignant phenotype of cells and inhibit their metastatic ability. In addition, Laminaria polysaccharide can increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs.

2. Improve renal failure

Laminaria Polysaccharide (Laminaria polysaccharide) can reduce urinary protein content, increase creatinine clearance, and have a good effect on renal failure. Compared with eating Chinese herbal medicine, Laminaria polysaccharide is easier to be absorbed by the human body. It is convenient to eat and can reduce the mental pressure of patients with renal failure.

Product Description

1. Laminaria japonica naturally matured from May to August in Chengshantou sea area is used as raw material, which is produced by decomposition, extraction, separation and purification of laminaria japonica special complex enzyme, and contains pure natural laminaria japonica polysaccharide, amino acid, mannitol and other dry matter.

2. Laminaria is rich in active groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl, and has strong chelating and compounding properties. It can be used as a biological stimulant from algae to improve the drought resistance, cold resistance and waterlogging resistance of plants.

3. The product can be compounded with various raw materials and water-soluble fertilizers.


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