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Natural Organic Kelp Extract Solid Water-soluble Seaweed Fertilizer



This product uses natural kelp as raw material, adopts low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis and wall dissolving technology, retains the active factors and nutrients in kelp to the greatest extent, and processes the product into a solid state through a series of technical means such as concentration, drying and spraying, which is more conducive to transportation, storage and use.

Product Description

1. Adopt fresh kelp enzymatic hydrolysis, compounded with other nutrient elements to form neutral kelp complete nutrient seaweed essence.

2. It is rich in alginic acid, humic acid, mannitol, betaine, natural plant endogenous hormones, natural amino acids and other unique components of kelp, which can improve the stress resistance of crops and promote the healthy growth of crops.

3. Neutral component, wider compounding property and higher safety.


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