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Natural Organic Laminaria Polysaccharide Seaweed Fertilizer



Laminaria polysaccharide, in a narrow sense, refers to Laminaria polysaccharide. Broadly speaking, it refers to the polysaccharide components purified from kelp, including kelp oligosaccharides, fucoidan, kelp starch, etc. The research and development team of the company obtained the liquid fertilizer with active enzymes and full nutrition of algae and its preparation method through research. The liquid fertilizer prepared by using low-temperature wall dissolving technology is rich in organic nutrients, inorganic nutrients and plant growth hormones in algae, and also contains active enzymes. When in use, the metal ions contained in seaweed can activate the enzyme activity in kelp fertilizer, so that the active enzyme can play a role after being applied to crops, so as to achieve the fertilizer effect of seaweed active nutrition, active plant factors and active enzymes jointly promoting plant growth.

Laminarin  ≥35%

Alginic Acid ≥17%

Organic Matter  ≥40%

pH  4.0-7.0

Physics State  White Powder、granule

Product Description

1. Laminaria japonica naturally matured from May to August in Chengshantou sea area is used as raw material, which is produced by decomposition, extraction, separation and purification of laminaria japonica special complex enzyme, and contains pure natural laminaria japonica polysaccharide, amino acid, mannitol and other dry matter.

2. Laminaria is rich in active groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl, and has strong chelating and compounding properties. It can be used as a biological stimulant from algae to improve the drought resistance, cold resistance and waterlogging resistance of plants.

3. The product can be compounded with various raw materials and water-soluble fertilizers.


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