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Natural Organic Liquid Fertilizer



Four functions of the product

Flower promotion and fruit preservation: it can be used before and after flower to promote flower and fruit preservation, reduce artificial pollination and stabilize fruit setting.

Natural gibberellin (GA) in Laminaria japonica can induce plant flowering, promote male flower differentiation, increase the amount of pollen, stretch the length of pollen tubes, increase the probability of pollination, promote the elongation of internodes of dwarf plants, and promote the one-way transport of calcium, so as to protect flowers and fruits.

Activate soil: improve soil aggregates, supplement nutrients, improve microecology, and regulate rhizosphere environment.

The effective components in kelp liquid can increase organic matter, activate various beneficial microorganisms in soil, and act as a catalyst in the metabolism cycle of plants and microorganisms, so as to increase the biological effectiveness of soil. Metabolites of soil microorganisms can provide more nutrients for plants; It can make the plant and soil ecosystem harmonious. It contains natural compounds such as sodium alginate, which is a natural soil conditioner. It can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve the pore space in the soil, coordinate the proportion of solid, liquid and gas in the soil, restore the balance of natural colloid lost due to heavy soil burden and chemical pollution, increase soil biological activity, promote the release of available nutrients, be conducive to root growth, and improve the stress resistance of crops.

Stress resistance and disease prevention: it is rich in a variety of natural biological stimulants to enhance crop immunity and disease resistance.

Algal oligosaccharides can activate the immune regulation system of the body, improve the overall immunity, protect normal cells and resist viruses; Substances with high stress resistance have protective effects on biological membranes, membrane proteins, DNA, etc. under adverse environments such as cold freezing, early drying, and high osmotic pressure; Betaine is a derivative of amino acid or sub amino acid, which is similar to cytokinin. At present, about 18 kinds of betaine have been found in seaweed, most of which are glycine betaine, b-alanine betaine and r-aminobutyric acid betaine, which can regulate the permeability of cells and enhance the osmotic pressure of cells, so as to enhance the cold resistance, drought resistance and saline alkali resistance of crops; Terpenoids and phenolic polymers regulate the osmotic pressure of cell fluid and chloroplasts, and play a strong role in the process of nutrient absorption of crops; Protect a series of enzymes from transforming into active resistant chemicals in the cells of plants damaged by drought, cold, insects and diseases, induce crops to produce stress resistance factors, increase crop disease resistance, and prevent seven nettles, aphids and cold and drought resistance. Iodine can inhibit the metabolic enzyme system of bacteria and combine with the amino group of bacterial protein to cause its denaturation. It can kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and Arabidopsis.

Improve quality and Yield: improve the quality of crops, increase the sugar content and taste of fruits, extend the shelf life, delay aging and improve yield.

The structure unit of seaweed polysaccharide in enzymatic hydrolysis of fresh seaweed organic liquid fertilizer is β- (1,4) linked D-mannuronic acid (m) and α- (1,4) linked L-guluronic acid (g) can effectively complex heavy metals to form macromolecules, so as to achieve the effect of inhibiting the absorption of heavy metals; Algal polysaccharides, highly unsaturated fatty acids and other substances have high biological activity, which can stimulate the production of nonspecific active factors in plants. At the same time, it also contains natural plant growth regulators, such as auxin, cytokinins and gibberellin, whose proportion is similar to that of hormones in terrestrial plants, and has a good role in regulating the balance of endogenous hormones. After application, the yield and quality of leafy vegetables, grain crops and fruit trees are significantly increased by more than 20%, 15% and 10% - 30%, respectively. At the same time, the number of first-class fruits is increased to more than 80%, which can significantly improve the quality of cash crops such as tobacco, cotton and flowers, especially for greenhouse vegetable crops, with a significant effect of increasing production and value.

Product Description

1. It is extracted by low-temperature biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology.The product presents unique natural golden yellow color, rich and comprehensive active nutrients, especially the natural crop hormones and medium and trace elements.

2.The product has higher activity, effectively promotes plant growth, improves crop resistance and improves crop quality.

3. It can be used in the production of foliar fertilizer, urea, compound fertilizer, pesticide, flushing fertilizer and other products. The compound property is wide and stable, which can improve the fertilizer utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and play a role in reducing weight and increasing efficiency.


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