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Natural Organic Plant Growth Promoter Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Plant growth hormones and trace elements are important components of crop growth and development, improving crop stress resistance, improving crop quality and increasing yield. Rational use of compound fertilizers is very important.

This product uses fresh kelp as the material, uses low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis and wall dissolving technology, retains the plant active factors and nutritional components in kelp to the greatest extent, selects trace elements for chelation, and adopts advanced production technology and technology. It is the current energy-based multi-element nutritional growth regulator.

Using this product can promote rooting, germination, green leaves, protect flowers and fruits, and enhance photosynthesis. It can resist virus infection, continuous cropping, dead trees, no new roots, slow growth and the effect of small leaves, yellow leaves, red roots, black roots, rotten roots, dead seedlings and dead trees caused by lack of elements. It can eliminate the symptoms of flashiness, falling flowers and fruits, chlorosis and yellowness of leaves caused by lack of trace elements, increase 1000 grain weight, improve quality and increase yield.


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