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Natural Organic Seaweed Calcium Magnesium Compound Fertilizer


Product Description

This product uses fresh kelp as raw material, through the low-temperature enzymatic wall dissolution technology, all the nutritional active substances in fresh kelp are released, and calcium and magnesium elements are added. 

Calcium can promote the synthesis of sugars and proteins, and play a role in balancing physiological activities in fruit trees, so that the soil solution can reach ion balance, and strengthen the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus by crops. 

Calcium can adjust the pH of the object, and can also avoid or reduce sodium and phosphorus in alkaline soil The toxic effect of potassium ions and residual hydrogen, manganese and aluminum plasma in acid soil makes crops absorb ammonium nitrogen normally. 

Calcium can neutralize the pH in soil solution and has a good effect on the activities of soil microorganisms; Calcium also has the effect of killing insects and sterilization. "


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