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Natural Organic Trace Elements Combined with Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description


Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer


30-10-10+TE  High nitrogen type  

10-40-10+TE High potassium type

20-20-20+TE  Balanced type  

15-5-35+TE  High phosphate type

Special addition:

Fresh kelp extract biostimulant ≥3000ppm


This product adopts the advanced fed-batch technology of Shidai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which organically combines major elements and fresh kelp extract biostimulants, realizing scientific allocated proportion and complete nutrition. While supplementing major elements, kelp active nutrition can tap the potential of crops and promote their healthy growth.

1. Good solubility in water

Adopt high quality water-soluble materials, so it can dissolve in water quickly, without residue, and thus suitable for being used during watering, root fertilization, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation.

2. Safe and efficient

Added with kelp extract active ingredient to effectively improve the efficiency of crops' absorption of nutrients and promote root growth as well.

3. Complete nutrition

Specially added with kelp nutrition and trace elements to provide more complete nutrition and ensure healthier growth of crops.

4. Disease resistance and stress resistance

Rich in kelp extract active ingredients and natural plant hormones to regulate plant growth and improve crop resistance to disease and stress.


Can be used in combination with most pesticides (except alkaline pesticides and herbicides).

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. In the case of caking and discoloration affected with damp, pour it into water to dissolve before use, which will not affect product quality and fertilizer efficiency.

Applicable crops

Vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and plants, lawns and other commercial crops


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