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Natural Organic Water Soluble Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

improve the soil

Through the massive reproduction of beneficial bacteria, a large number of beneficial bacteria form a dominant population around the root system of plants, inhibiting the life activities of other harmful bacteria.

It can quickly decompose soil organic matter, promote the formation of soil aggregates, and loosen the soil through the activities of beneficial bacteria. The soil's fertilizer, fertilizer, water, water supply and permeability are well adjusted.

Decompose pesticide residues in the soil to avoid pesticide damage to next season crops. It also decomposes harmful substances discharged by roots during plant growth.

Nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium resolving functions

It can partially utilize the nitrogen in the air and produce corresponding enzymes and acids through the growth and metabolism of beneficial bacteria. It can decompose the insoluble phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the soil (95% of the insoluble phosphorus fertilizers in the soil and 98% of the insoluble potassium fertilizers in the soil), so as to become the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers that can be absorbed by plants. Therefore, it can greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer by crops, so as to reduce the application of fertilizer.

Improve crop quality

At the same time of dissolving phosphorus and potassium, it can promote the release of trace elements in soil, which can be used by crops. At the same time, beneficial bacteria metabolize to produce a variety of substances required by plants, such as small molecular amino acids, growth stimulating substances, vitamins


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