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Natural Plant Cold Resistance Agent (Foliar)


Product Description

This product is a crop cold and frost resistant product specially made by the patented technology of enzymatic hydrolysis of fresh kelp of Shidai Marine. On the basis of the active cold resistance factor of kelp source, the cold resistance factor of holly extract is specially added, which can synergistically further enhance cell vitality, increase the thermal storage capacity of cells and the plant's own resistance, so as to survive cold weather such as cold waves and frost, and ensure crop yield and quality.

Product features

1. The cold resistant components of kelp and holly can promote the crops to stimulate their own anti-stress buffer immunity in cold environments to reduce the freezing point of cells, enhance the ability of crops to resist cold currents, and prolong the frost adaptation period.

2. It contains full-value nutrients of fresh kelp, which can replenish nutrients in time, improve the efficiency of chlorophyll synthesis, enhance the photosynthetic efficiency of crops, increase the thermal energy of crop cells, and prevent or reduce freezing damage to crops at low temperatures.

3. A variety of active substances can activate cell growth function, improve the activity of various enzymes in cells, and enable crops to grow and develop normally at low temperatures.

4. The natural alginic acid film-forming agent from kelp source can form a protective film on the surface of plants to reduce frost damage and repair mild damage.


When spraying, the front and back sides and all parts shall be sprayed evenly as much as possible to maximize the cold resistance effect.

Store in a ventilated and dry place, and use it immediately after unpacking. Please seal the remaining product after unpacking.

This product can be mixed with a variety of pesticides, but do not mix with strong acid and strong alkaline pesticides.

Usage method

Daily cold resistance care of crops in winter and early spring: Dilute 800-1000 times and spray it on the leaf surface, with an interval of 7-10 days

Before the cold wave: Dilute 600-800 times and spray it on the leaf surface

After freezing damage: Dilute 600-800 times and spray it continuously on the leaf surface for more than two times to promote the recovery of crop growth


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