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Natural Plant Hormones Promote Growth Functional Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Plant growth regulators are a class of pesticides used to regulate plant growth and development, including synthetic compounds with similar effects of natural plant hormones and natural plant hormones extracted from organisms. The birth of plant growth regulators stems from people's research on the complex life activities of plants. People have found that every step of the plant growth cycle, such as rooting, germination, growth, flowering, fruiting and so on, is not only controlled by genes, but also regulated by plant hormones.

In short, plant hormones are produced by plants themselves, and plant growth regulators are artificially extracted natural plant hormones or synthetic plant hormones.

This product uses fresh kelp as raw material and adopts low-temperature enzymatic wall dissolution technology to retain the active factors in kelp to the greatest extent, which can effectively promote growth and increase production and income.


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