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Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium Ternary Compound Seaweed Fertilizer

Packing in plastic bottle
MOQ: 1000pcs
Sales model: wholesales
Apprance: liquid
  • Deep Root No.1

Product Description


It can strengthen nutritional growth, promote photosynthesis, make crops grow more vigorously, and shorten the time required for crop growth and development.


Accelerate the ripening speed of crops, improve the ability of drought and cold resistance, enhance the toughness of stems, promote the formation of flower buds, and improve yield.


Enhance the ability of crops to resist drought, cold, lodging, disease and insect pests, and make branches stronger and roots more developed.

This strain is made by carefully matching nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with enzymatic seaweed fertilizer in proportion, which can provide balanced nutrition for crop growth.


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