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Organic Compound Microbial Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Compound microbial fertilizer combines inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer and beneficial microorganisms to realize complementary and complementary functions, and truly achieve the role of 1+1+1 > 3. It can not only provide NPK and medium and trace elements for crop growth, but also provide organic matter and beneficial active bacteria for crops. Organic matter can promote the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, microorganisms accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, and organic matter helps microorganisms reproduce. To sum up, there are five characteristics of compound microbial fertilizer

1. Activate soil and improve soil fertility

Compound microbial fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms, which can decompose organic residues, form soil humus, improve soil structure and physical and chemical properties, and convert substances that cannot be absorbed by plants into effective nutrients for plants to absorb and use.

2. Inhibit diseases and enhance stress resistance

After compound microbial fertilizer is applied to the soil, actinomycetes can release such substances, which is conducive to the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. Beneficial microorganisms form dominant flora around plant roots, making it difficult for pathogenic microorganisms to reproduce.

3. Promote growth, increase production and income

After the compound microbial fertilizer is applied to the soil, the beneficial microorganisms multiply rapidly in the soil and produce a variety of metabolites beneficial to crops. These metabolites can stimulate or regulate crop growth, make crops robust and achieve the purpose of increasing production. It can not only provide NPK and medium and trace elements for crop growth, but also provide organic matter and beneficial microbial active bacteria for crops. In addition, some strains in microbial fertilizers can also secrete some thorn vitamins to stimulate crop growth, make crops robust and improve their nutritional status.

4. Improve quality and taste

Compound microbial fertilizer improves the nutrition supply of crops, especially increases organic nutrients such as organic matter, humic acid, amino acid, etc., which is conducive to the accumulation of sugar in crops, improves the sugar content of products, and solves the problem of "vegetables are not fragrant and fruits are not sweet" caused by partial application of chemical fertilizer. The application of compound microbial fertilizer can reduce the content of nitrate in agricultural products and increase the content of reducing sugar and vitamin C.

5. Save energy and reduce pollution

A large number of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have polluted the soil to varying degrees and produced certain toxicity. Crops grown in polluted soil will not only cause growth obstacles, but also bring harm to human beings. Soil pollution is an important part of environmental treatment. The fertilizer effect of compound microbial fertilizer lasts for a long time, which can reduce the application of chemical fertilizer, and it is harmless by itself. Compound microbial fertilizer has the ability to degrade and transform toxic substances in soil. This kind of bioremediation is an economical and effective measure in soil remediation.


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