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Organic Functional Calcium & Magnesium Enrichment Seaweed Fertilizer

Calcium and magnesium supplementation Seaweed chelating
Ca+Mg≥150g/L ; Kelp raw pulp≥20%;Ca≥120g/L;Mg≥30g/L;pH:6

Store in a ventilated and dry place. Do not place upside down.

This product can be mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers, except phosphate fertilizers.

Product Description

This product uses fresh kelp as raw material and is refined by unique patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Calcium and magnesium are specially added to chelate with seaweed fertilizer to make nutrients easier to absorb, which can effectively prevent calcium deficiency symptoms such as fruit painstakingness, internal rot, bad core, improve the appearance of fruits and extend the shelf life. At the same time, it can also enhance the photosynthesis of plant leaves, delay leaf aging, and improve crop yield. At the same time, the kelp puree in the product has smaller molecules after enzymatic hydrolysis, is easy to penetrate, and has the function of natural moisturizer. It is still applicable after fruit bagging.


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