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R&D Team Support System

The company has a team of corporate technology talents led by scientific and technological innovation talents from "Ten thousand plan" - National high level talents special support plan” and doctoral supervisors, and integrating multiple disciplines. It joins hands with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, South China Agricultural University, Weihai Ocean Vocational College and other universities and colleges to form a joint innovation body of “industry-university research”, exploring cutting-edge marine biotechnology and developing the high-value utilization of kelp resources.


Scientific Research Innovation Platform

It has innovative platforms such as Shandong Collaborative Innovation Center of Ocean Engineering Technology, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Weihai Alga Application Engineering Research Center, Weihai Engineering Technology Research Center for Seaweed Biological Enzymes and Weihai Enterprise Technological Development Center.


R&D Achievements

It has developed the four technologies of superfine crushing and high-efficiency and low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis for fresh kelps, nutrient separation and purification of kelp in-vivo and total nutritional activity chelation; It has 9 Chinese patent authorizations and 1 America-authorized patent; It has hosted and participated in over 30 scientific research projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels. Initiated by Shidai Marine Technology, it has formed the three group standards of Biological Enzymolysis Pulp of Fresh Kelp,  Raw Powder of Biological Enzymolysis on Kelps and Technical Specification for Application of Biological Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kelp Fertilizers, all of which proved unique in the world upon examination.


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