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We carried out foliar spraying of rice in large rice farms in Jiangsu Province, and calculated the yield of rice. We sprayed 500 times of seaweed organic water-soluble fertilizer on the leaves of rice in three stages: division stage, young panicle differentiation stage and grain filling stage. The application rate per hectare is 3L.

After rice maturation, the average yield of rice plot treated with seaweed organic water-soluble fertilizer was 8337 kg, which was 966kg higher than that of water spraying control and 1033.5 kg higher than that of conventional fertilization control, with an increase of 13.1% and 14.2% respectively, and the yield increased to a very significant level. The results showed that the application of seaweed organic water-soluble fertilizer had a better effect on rice yield increase compared with the control without spraying any fertilizer and the control with spraying clear water at the same time.

Comparison of yield components and theoretical yield of rice with different treatments at harvest time
Treatment plot yield(kg) average yield
(  kg/ ha)
Yield increase compared with control

I II Ill average (  kg/ ha) ( % )
1 25. 1 24.9 25. 0 25.0 8337aA 966/ 1033.5 13. 1/ 14. 2
2 25. 8 25. 9 25. 6 25. 8 8604aA 1230/ 1300.5 16. 7/ 17. 8
3 22. 3 22.1 21.9 22.1 7371bB
4 22.1 22.0 21. 8 21. 9 7303.5bB
Note: small letters indicateP< 0.05 significant difference, capital letters indicate P< 0.01extremely significant difference

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