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Shidai Marine Participated In The 28th Shandong Plant Protection Exchange And Fair

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Shandong Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide’s Appliances Fair (referred to as "Shandong Plant Protection Exchange and Fair") has been successfully held for 27 sessions, and now it has become the "Annual Purchasing Conference of China's Agrochemical Industry". The 28th Shandong Plant Protection Exchange and Fair was held in Jinan Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 24-25, with more than 50,000 visitors from all walks of life, including agricultural enterprises, distributors and large growers from all over the country, attending the exhibition.



As a leading enterprise in the field of special fertilizer, Shidai Marine not only displayed its flagship products, new R&D products and raw materials of kelp protoplasm at this exhibition, but also brought the group standards —— Fresh Kelp Biological Enzymatic Hydrolysis Solution, Fresh Kelp Biological Enzymatic Hydrolysis Raw Powder and Application Guide of Biological Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kelp Fertilizer issued at Shandong High-end Chemical Industry Development Promotion Association on October 22.


The whole fresh kelp raw material displayed in the exhibition hall has attracted the attention of many exhibitors. On the spot, they can experience the independent kelp resource industrial base of 1000 ha of Shidai Marine through VR glasses, and learn about the whole process from kelp harvesting, kelp protoplasm processing and product deployment. Exhibitors highly recognized Shidai Marine’s enterprise culture, i.e. seriously making the products by using the good materials, full of confidence in cooperating with such pragmatic enterprise.

Shidai Marine kelp protoplasm is extracted and concentrated by the unique patented technology - low temperature biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Through the action of biological enzymes, kelp polysaccharides, kelp oligosaccharides, mannitol, amino acids, indoleacetic acid, zeatin and other kelp active substances, middle and micro trace mineral elements as well as kelp natural biostimulants are released and retained, with rich and comprehensive nutrition and intelligent regulation of the crop to reach the optimal state. On-site exhibitors tasted Shidai Marine's seaweed apples that grew up by uptaking kelp protoplasm, very impressed, and unanimously commented that they found the original taste of the fruit!

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