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Solid Natural Organic Kelp Extract Fertilizer (Powder II)




Laminaria liquid fertilizer is a kind of green organic compound liquid fertilizer extracted by fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis of deep-sea wild Laminaria. Rich in natural plant thorns (auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin, etc.), 18 kinds of protein amino acids, alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharides, organic iodine, mannitol, vitamins, nucleotides, plant stress resistant substances, as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and other elements.

The products are nutritious, natural and organic, green, and increase production and income. The company solidifies it into powder through drying technology, which is easier to store, transport and use.

Product features

Stimulate the potential of crops, break dormancy, promote flower bud differentiation, expand leaves, and make plants robust.

Improve fruit setting rate, expand fruit, promote coloring, increase sugar content, and ripen early.

Enhance the stress resistance of plants and improve the ability to absorb water, resist drought, cold, flood and disease.

Improve the quality of crops, improve the taste and flavor of crops, oxidation resistance, storage resistance and good appearance.

Technical data

Alginic Acid ≥25%

Organic Matter ≥35%

K2O  ≥18%

Mannitol ≥3000ppm

Betaine ≥300ppm

Natural Plant Hormones ≥1500ug/L

Iodine ≥50ppm

pH 6.0-8.0

100%Water Soluble Dark BrownFlake

Product Description

1. Adopt fresh kelp enzymatic hydrolysis, compounded with other nutrient elements to form neutral kelp complete nutrient seaweed essence.

2. It is rich in alginic acid, humic acid, mannitol, betaine, natural plant endogenous hormones, natural amino acids and other unique components of kelp, which can improve the stress resistance of crops and promote the healthy growth of crops.

3. Neutral component, wider compounding property and higher safety.


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