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The role of seaweed organic fertilizer and precautions for use

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Organic fertilizer is an extremely important link in China's traditional agriculture. In agricultural production, in addition to obtaining food, oil, fiber, meat, eggs, milk, and other products, human beings also produce a large number of by-products such as straw, cake, and livestock manure. All these agricultural by-products are used as fertilizer, fuel, feed, and industrial raw materials, forming a good circular economy model. This circular economy model has ensured the development of agriculture, the maintenance of soil fertility, and the security of the rural environment in China for thousands of years.

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  • Come see our Organic Emerald Boron Zinc Seaweed Fertilizer

  • Usage and Precautions

Come see our Organic Emerald Boron Zinc Seaweed Fertilizer

This organic fertilizer can comprehensively supplement boron and zinc, which can effectively prevent problems such as less flowering, low fruit set rate, and fruit withering caused by boron deficiency, and prevent leaflet disease and crop growth retardation caused by zinc deficiency. Rich in 60% kelp mud, it can reconcile the balance of endogenous hormones in crops and promote the robust growth of crops. The product contains a large amount of kelp-derived active substances, and the crops are more resistant to stress. Seaweed fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer, and seaweed fertilizer is rich in nutrients. The development of seaweed fertilizer has gone through three stages: rotten seaweed - seaweed ash (powder) - seaweed extract. The core substance of our seaweed fertilizer is a pure natural seaweed extract. The main raw material is white natural fresh kelp. After special biochemical treatment, the essence of kelp is extracted, which greatly retains the natural active components and contains a large amount of non-palace. In nitrogen organic matter, there are more than 40 kinds of mineral elements and rich vitamins such as K, Ca, Mg, Fe, zIl, I, etc., which are unmatched by terrestrial plants.

Usage and Precautions


Dilute the organic fertilizer spray by 1000-2000 times (depending on the growth of the crop), spray once every 7-15 days, and spray again in case of rain within 4 hours after spraying.

Different usage times

Use in the spring bud stage and flower bud differentiation stage can prevent lobular disease caused by boron deficiency and zinc deficiency, and promote flower bud differentiation and flower organ development.

Use in the seedling stage can prevent lobular disease caused by boron deficiency and zinc deficiency, make the seedling robust, and disease-resistant, and promote growth.

Use before flowering can promote flower formation and increase pollination rate; strong pedicel and high fruit setting rate.

In the autumn shooting stage, this organic fertilizer can be used after each picking to prevent the fruit from falling due to lack of elements in the later stage; the fruit shape is good, the color is beautiful; the tree vigor is restored after harvesting.

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