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Trace Element Boron Zinc Microbial Compound Seaweed Fertilizer


Product Description

Zinc is a component of some enzymes. If there is a lack of zinc, the metabolism of crops cannot be carried out normally, and the synthesis of auxin is reduced, which affects the growth of crop roots. New leaves, growth points grow slowly, and the flowers are thin and small. 

Some fruit trees lack zinc, and leaf blight will occur. Due to the lack of zinc in the corn field, white leaves often appear, the plants are obviously short, bald, and the ears are small, and the yield is significantly reduced. Lack of zinc in wheat seedlings will also lead to abnormal leaf color of gray green, yellowing and chlorosis of leaf margins and tips, and leaf veins, and slow plant growth. 

If it is not supplemented in time and effectively, the plant will be short and affect the yield. Zinc, as well as stabilizing the root cell membrane, can improve the stress resistance of crops. An appropriate amount of zinc can improve the frost resistance of crops and enhance the stress resistance under adverse environmental conditions such as water logging and high temperature. 

The fruit tree is lack of zinc, the extension of branches is blocked, and the top shows that the leaves are clustered, sometimes the leaves wither and fall off from top to bottom, and the fruit is very small and of poor quality.

Like zinc, boron is a trace element with a very small amount. The commonly used boric acid is weakly acidic, while borax is weakly alkaline. Generally, boric acid is commonly used as one of the fertilizers to supplement boron on the leaves, and borax is mostly basal. Boron can promote the growth of pollen tubes and the germination of pollen grains. 

According to relevant studies, boron is closely related to the reproductive process of plants. There are more boron elements in the style head and style than in other parts of plants. Therefore, boron plays a very important role in the normal flowering of plants.

 Boron can also promote the transport of sugar, but boron is not as mobile as nitrogen in plants. The consequence of poor mobility is manifested in new tissues, which first shows symptoms. Corn is short of boron, the plant is short, wheat is short of boron, and it can't divide effectively. 

Rape is lack of boron, which will lead to more flowering and less fruiting. Because boron has an important influence on the differentiation and development of reproductive organs, there is also a saying that "it is difficult to bear fruit without boron".

This product uses fresh kelp enzymatic hydrolysate as raw material, compound microorganisms and boron and zinc elements, which can promote plant growth, protect flowers and fruits, and increase production and income.


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