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Weihai Shidai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in the HaoYunJiao Tourism Resort of Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. It was established in August 2010, with a total investment of 43,800,000 US dollars, a building area of 32 thousand square meters, and more than 300 sets of production equipment, 88% of which are integrated with independent innovation and the equipment have the production capacity of 100 thousand tons of enzymatic hydrolysate of fresh kelp per year. Shidai Marine has about 1,000 hectare of marine ecological farming base, with an annual production of more than 200,000 tons of fresh kelp; it is a resource-oriented and high-tech kelp extract manufacturing base in China, and a key enterprise in the blue economic zone of Shandong Province.
Since 1968, Shidai Marine has been engaged in kelp aquaculture, and has been devoted to the research and development of kelp, a large brown algae, from kelp aquaculture and kelp food processing to the extraction of kelp by biological methods. With the continuous deepening of exploration, it is increasingly recognized that kelp is a treasure endowed by nature to mankind, and it has its unique regulatory effect on plants, animals and human body.
Shidai Marine adheres the enterprise vision of "marine science and technology, quality agriculture, ecological persistence and human health", remains true to its original aspiration and keep its mission firmly in mind, believes in the power of nature + formula, to energize growers with ingenious products, regulate plant for exuberant and healthy growth, improve the soil microbiotic environment, enhance quality and increase yield.

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